Wednesday, September 15, 2010

YIP 365.208 :: Potholders

YIP 365.208 :: Potholders
YIP 365.208 :: Potholders,
originally uploaded by stitchindye.
These potholders are inspiring. The combination of colors and fabrics is terrific and so is the quilting. I would want to hang them on the wall. How about making each one a block of a quilt. I would hate getting them dirty or worse yet, burnt. I want to learn how to make them.


  1. They are beautiful, let me know where I can learn to make them as well...I need some new ones to brighten up my kitchen!

  2. Minna, are you still blogging? I would love to know where to find the pattern for those beautiful pot holders, they are simply gorgeous. Please come back to blogland!

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for the shout out on my pot holders. I'm now selling a PDF of the pattern along with a template in my online store,
    Also, if you're interested in how these super size hexagons could come together to make a quilt top, check out my quilt on the cover of Quilt Scene magazine.