Sunday, January 31, 2010

Plush Toys, Softies and Dolls

Some people will wonder why I have all these dolls and critters at the top of my blog. As a child I loved dolls. Charlotte was a fabric doll made of red fabric with white hearts. Some of the hearts were outlined in white and some were filled in with white. She had white yarn for hair and if I remember correctly buttons for some facial features, like eyes. You won't believe it but she is somewhere in my attic and when the weather thaws here in Rochester, NY I will go up to my attic and try to find here. She has patches all over her now when she began to tear so she's not very recognizable, but she is to me. My parents bought her for me on a trip to Nantucket Island in Massachusetts on a day trip there from Cape Cod. They usually didn't buy things so "special" so she meant a lot to me. Butterball was a doll I got for my tenth birthday. My twin sister told me I was too old to get a doll for my birthday but she was the last doll that was ever bought for me. She was a typical baby doll from the '50s and '60s and her bottom lip curled under like she was going to cry. When I got into my 30's I started buying collectible dolls. They weren't porcelain vintage dolls but very high end vinyl dolls that were being made largely in Germany and Spain. I stared at one for months before I spent a ridiculous amount of money on her but each year after that I bought myself one. My husband bought me an armoire to store them and there they sit with a couple of Steiff animals I bought on a trip to England. I haven't bought one in many years but I'm sure I will again. I'm going to try my hand at making some. I admire them on Etsy all the time and have bought several from there but they stay hidden, for my grandchildren someday.

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