Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter in Rochester

Today it is snowing and cold. Although this is a typical day here we haven't had one in a long time. My first appointment at work cancelled but instead of using the time productively I sat in my pajamas at the computer staring with amazement at the blocks and quilts on Flickr and some of my favorite blogs. I got another wonderful bundle of fabric from Fabricworm, one of my favorite places to buy fabric on Etsy and I'm so anxious to dive in and decide what I want to do but I can see that I'm already doing what I do when I knit. I get so excited about the next project that the one I'm working on never gets done. So I'm going to get dressed for work or I'll be late and come home and finish cutting out all the pieces for a baby quilt I'm making for a friend who had a baby and finish that first. This weekend I plan to hang some of he quilts I've bought on Etsy so I can finally look at them on the wall instead of folded up in tissue paper. Baby steps I keep telling myself but the sewing room is calling me and I have to plug my ears and wait until later.

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