Thursday, April 22, 2010

What a pain!

Some of you know that I have back injuries due to being in two car accidents within two years (on the exact same date in 2007 and 2009) where I was rear ended while standing still. I herniated two discs in the first accident (waiting at a red light) and was recovering very slowly when I got hit again (waiting to make a turn). The accidents were in November. I hadn't been given the okay to return to physical therapy until about a month ago and I lost so much strength and stamina in the intervening time that for days after my second therapy session in a week (I go twice a week) I am in a lot of pain. Unfortunately what would make me feel better (aside from a hot tub) quilting, is also hard to do (sitting on a stool) when your back is hurting. Standing feels the best so I have a number of quilts cut but not much sewing done. I think I have some answers how to feel better so this week (thanks to a great physical therapist and chiropractor)I hope to get caught up on the three bees I'm in. Sorry guys, I'm doing the best I can. Actually knowing I need to get these done is a great motivator to do my best to feel better. Once I get going and get my hands on the fabric I already start feeling better. When I was lying around a lot I ordered a lot of quilting books (a LOT) so now I have even more ideas of what I want to do and more fabric (thank goodness for the internet) to do it with so here's to hoping to maybe a slow but eventual full recovery, although you'll probably never see me on a snow board or roller blades. Winston is the best medicine. The little guy just hangs out wherever I am giving kisses and lying down near me, keeping an eye on me. Looking at his sweet face just makes me laugh, what great medicine.

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