Sunday, February 7, 2010

Meanings of Quilts

For most of us it seems that quilts have a very important meaning to us. We make them for people we love, especially. It's as if each time we give away a quilt we are giving someone a piece of use. Below are very different qults. The first quilt someone made for me and introduced me to quilting, the first quilt that I made I gave to my niece when my grandniece was born and I just have a picture of it. I have the second quilt that I made and the third quilt needs to be bound and is going to be put away for my first grandchild. The quilts in my home have different meanings to me and I become attached to the quilts and the the people who made them, even if I don't know them and even if I paid for them. I try to connect with them in some way and often do and they seem to do the same. They often email and want to know how I like the quilt. It's interesting to me now how quilts have become a way that we quilters try to care for complete strangers in all the new humanitarian donations we give with our quilts, as if we want to comfort those in the world who need comforting. I'm sure that the people who get them are comforted and again we form a connection to someone we don't know; we don't even know where they live, how old they are, we just want to help in any way we can and a quilt seems to be a wonderful way to do it.

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