Thursday, February 25, 2010

Everything is Beginning

I am so excited to think that in the next three days I will begin working on two of my Doll Quilt Swap8 quilts and two of my Fussy Quilt Swap blocks. I thought I had them all picked out and then of course later last night I went through more of my fabrics and decided to change some, well a little on some and make an entirely different one on some more. Is this what keeps happening that the more time you have and the more you look at other peoples the more you keep changing your own? I really like my ideas so for the next three days I'm going to try not to look at any other blogs, groups, postings, etc., or else I'll have about twenty by the end of the month. Everyone's looks so much better than I imagine mine to be that I am easily swayed when I start looking around. I have to keep focused on "mindfulness" the NEW phase of the year in psychotherapy which basically means notice the things around you and enjoy them and so I will try to be mindful and remind myself that I am a beginner quilter and in ten years (when I'm really old) I could be a great quilter and it all doesn't matter anyway because I really love quilting, every aspect of it to looking at patterns and fabrics to haning them on the wall or putting thm on a sofa or a bed and that's what this is really all about anyway! Right!? I still hope mine don't look immediately like the "new person who hasn't done much quilting and boy can you tell, ha, ha," person. I want to at least to be identified as the "new person who put a lot of time into thinking and planning her blocks and her doll quilt and did great for a beginner quilter." It's my new mantra. Tomorrow I'm going to take pictures of my new bookcase and all my new fabrics and glimpses of what I've picked out for my blocks and my swap. My swap person and I are very different so I'm going to try to incorporate a little of her and a little of me so my swaps (I'm going to try to make two) show us as we are together because she has really been a part of me so far and will always be because I'll remember that she did this for me and wasn't I so lucky to have someone volunteer to do somethng so nice for someone (me) she didn't even know and she must bee quite a lady and I hope we get to meet someday. Tomorrow there will be a lot of pictures. Can someone tell me how to make those boxes made up of about twelve to sixteen smaller boxes? The really cool people have one at a time kind of pop out at you. Mindfullness, keep focus on right now and how happy I am to be part of all of this, which I am!

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