Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My work room

I thought I would try to add some pictures of my work room since I posted about it and spent so long setting it up. I'm always interested in people's work spaces. It gives you some ideas for your own and allows you to learn about the way other people work. Some I'm in awe of! I haven't had much luck putting pictures where I want them to be so we'll see if this works?


  1. You have a very nice workspace. Mine is a small remodeled coat closet but it works! I am following you, I like your blog! I am having a giveaway at my blog and one of the prizes is 3 fat quarters of Rockabye by Avlyn and some crafting items. Stop on by:

  2. I miss sharing this space with you, Mom. :)

  3. I miss it too, Ruthie. Wish you could just come over on Sundays and we could quilt together.