Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My "private" doll swap

Picture above also by silly boo dilly

Pictures on the left from work of silly boo dilly - they are fantastic!

As I stare at the incredibe, endless number of doll quilts in the Doll Quilt Swap 8 on Flickr, it is very clear that it is not appropriate to put myself in the same league with the quality and creativity of this artistically profound group of quilters. One brave soul among them as offered to act as my mentor and help me along although my status among them seems vague,clear in a below theirs. She may not have known what she's in for! I have spent weeks thinking of ideas, blocks, colors, etc., and have finally decided on doing two because one didn't seem to capture what I wanted to portray, so the fabrics were finally decided on after taking a few fabrics from Purl and a few from Hawthorne Fabrics and a few from a rather old stash. I will post pictures of bits of them, some hints later today along with some of the collections from my fabulous new bookcase.

I like to think of this kind soul as my guardian angel who will guide me slowly through projects until I feel among the "privileged", those whose quilts do not seem of man or woman made. Some of them are listed as some of my favorite doll quilts. Do have a look and marvel in their brilliance. There are many more of you who fall into this category so consider these few listed merely just a subgroup. The rest of you, you know who you are, the lucky elite of the quilting world. We do gaggle at your work, hoping someday... someday we may consider ourselves one among you.

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